Carrie Stevens here.

I love to write.

I love to work out, watch sports, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Hello, there!  I’m Carrie, a recent graduate of Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and I’m hoping to make my mark in the world of health and wellness journalism.  When I’m not reading, writing, and editing, I enjoy shopping for shoes, practicing yoga, and rooting for the underdog.

My experience.

For my undergraduate coursework as a Writing/Rhetoric major, I completed courses that focused on the integration of thinking, reading, and writing skills.  Writing is both an art and a craft, and finding that balance is crucial during composition.  In addition to core courses--Grammar and Style (grammatical analysis), Talk and Text (discourse analysis), and Power and Persuasion (rhetorical analysis)--I also took elective classes that examined, and some of my favorites include Reporting Online, Print Journalism, and Rhetorical Bytes.

Can I combine these interests into one career?

Watch me!